3 Rivers Biotech Enters into Agreement to Distribute Elite Hemp Varieties from Trilogene Seeds

3 Rivers Biotech Enters into Agreement to Distribute Elite Hemp Varieties from Trilogene Seeds

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON, April 7th, 2020 – 3 Rivers Biotech (“3 Rivers“) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Genetic Distribution and Royalty Agreement with Trilogene Seeds (“Trilogene“). Trilogene is a preeminent genetics provider with an extensive reach across the United States, strategic relationships with several Universities, and a vast and highly sought-after genetic catalogue. Under the terms of the agreement 3 Rivers will initiate, micropropagate, and sell some of Trilogene’s premium hemp varieties to licensed growers across the United States. These premium products include both robust high-CBD varieties bred for large-scale mechanical harvesting, more nuanced varieties with unique terpene profiles for smokable flower products and the next generation of marketable minor cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBC.

About Trilogene Seeds

The team at Trilogene Seeds consists of a series of breeders, cultivators, and cannabis industry professionals. Their goal is to create and stabilize different varieties of Elite Hemp Genetics for farmers all over the world. The core of their current genetic stock consists of highly efficient strains for extraction, as well as, high terpene varieties for smokable hemp. Trilogene has their own smokable hemp line called Smoking Icons and these varieties are exclusively bred by Trilogene. Their extensive research & development being done today will be the future of their genetics tomorrow.

About 3 Rivers

3 Rivers Biotech is a plant biotechnology specializing in hemp tissue culture to provide premium pathogen-free, pesticide-free, vigorous plants to cultivators and late-stage nurseries across the United States and Internationally. 3 Rivers delivers value to growers by providing proven hemp varieties as well as unique high terpene and minor cannabinoid varieties for the extract and smokable flower markets.

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