3 Rivers Biotech Enters into Agreement with Cheyenne Mountain Seeds

3 Rivers Biotech Enters into a Genetic Distribution with Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON, April 20th, 2020 – 3 Rivers Biotech (“3 Rivers“) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Genetic Distribution and Royalty Agreement with Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company (“Cheyenne“). Under the terms of the agreement, 3 Rivers will initiate two of Cheyenne’s top performing varieties, Mountain Mango and Quick Kush, into tissue culture for the purposes of manufacturing and selling micropropagated hemp plants to licensed growers across the United States.

An update to this is that 3 Rivers has already initiated these two varieties into tissue culture and is excited to be the only hemp nursery in the United States to offer true generation zero plants (no mother plant intermediary) to farmers. Further to this, Cheyenne’s cultivars have performed amazing in tissue culture and are already out of initiation into multiplication media. Cheyenne’s foresight to adapt this technology to their supply chain shows their commitment to quality and technological leadership. If any licensed hemp cultivator in the United States is interested in using tissue culture starts to improve their crop yield and performance, please send us an email to info@3riversbiotech.com for more information.

About Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company

Our mission is simple: deliver the benefits of medicinal phytocannabinoids to as many people and animals as we possibly can. ​Through farmers and growers, our seed will ultimately produce products that will help more people than we could possible touch ourselves. Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company’s three managers have over 25 years combined experience in the Colorado Medical Marijuana business helping people from all circumstances relieve health problems of all kinds. We also offer hemp growing guidelines and information to assist individuals in producing high quality hemp plants.


About 3 Rivers

3 Rivers Biotech is a plant biotechnology specializing in hemp tissue culture to provide premium pathogen-free, pesticide-free, vigorous plants to cultivators and late-stage nurseries across the United States and Internationally. 3 Rivers delivers value to growers by providing proven hemp varieties as well as unique high terpene and minor cannabinoid varieties for the extract and smokable flower markets.

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