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3R Biotech Teams Up with KIS Organics to Expand Reach of Innovative Plant Solutions

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, August 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 3R Biotech (“3R”), a leader in Tissue Culture (TC) and Pathogen Detection, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with KIS Organics, a respected figure in the realm of cultivation, education, and social media influence. This affiliation aims to amplify the exposure of 3R’s innovative and budget-friendly solutions, enabling the Company to reach a broader audience.

The collaboration aims to expand 3R’s offerings through the KIS Organics marketplace from Viral (HLVd) and Fungal Pathogen Detection to Tissue Culture variety cleanup and storage. The KIS Organics online following and ordering system provides all the loyal KIS followers increased access to leading scientific solutions that will allow them to improve their products, systems, and facilities.

Tad Hussey, the founder of KIS Organics, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “I am excited by the potential of 3R’s solutions to enhance plant health, and I am very pleased being able to share their science and experience-based insights with my audience. Disease in plants is endemic. Frequent testing combined with tissue culture propagation is a proven solution in combating the loss of vigor, yield, and chemical expression that disease brings. The team at 3R has a proven track record in identifying pathogen issues while their tissue culture solutions deliver generation zero, disease-free plantlets derived from tissue culture. My audience is discerning and having professionals such as the 3R team on our podcast fosters a broader dialogue around the importance of innovation in plant health.”

Dr. Kevin Mehr, Chief Scientific Officer for 3R, added, “We are delighted to participate in this endeavor and contribute to cultivator education regarding the transformative impact of our solutions. Teaming up with influential partners like KIS enables us to expand the reach of 3R Biotech’s solutions and present them to a broad audience of cultivators. With our proven cost-effective solutions, cultivators needn’t employ a full team of scientists or carry a substantial R&D budget to access innovative solutions that optimize their plants health.”

About 3R Biotech:
3R is a proven provider of tissue culture solutions for plant propagation and pathogen testing. Guided by a dedication to innovation and quality, the company is committed to enhancing plant health, propagation techniques, and pathogen detection, ultimately ensuring elevated genetic potential and crop productivity. www.3riversbiotech.com

About KIS Organics:
KIS Organics is a soil manufacturer and supplier in the organic horticulture and hemp space with a focus on science-based cultivation strategies. They have been in the industry for over 25 years and offer a variety of services ranging from consulting to biocontrols to organic fertilizers. KIS also hosts the podcast, “Cannabis Cultivation and Science,” which has received two million downloads since launch, and focuses on bridging the gap between researchers and cultivators to optimize the flow of information. www.kisorganics.com

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