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Licensing industry-leading Tissue Culture technology. Cutting-edge HLVd and Pathogen Testing. We eliminate the risks and variables of commercial cultivation by providing our customers with the tools to produce verified, stable, vigorous, disease-free plants.

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We Employ Latest Research and Technology in HLVd and Pathogen Testing

Currently, for HLVd testing, our lab utilizes RT-PCR technology with a host control gene. This ensures that there are no false negatives due to sample degradation or a failed PCR/LAMP reaction as the host control gene is detected in every reaction. Furthermore, RT-PCR is much less likely to produce false positives compared to its counterpart RT-LAMP which uses enzymes possessing a higher rate of off-target amplification. Our RT-PCR also has an additional layer of testing integrity as two separate targets of HLVd are detected at the same time, something that RT-LAMP is not capable of.

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Carmen Addario

Exceptional service.  Knowledgeable & professional staff.  Fast turnaround times and very accommodating in general. I look forward to continuing to work with 3R Testing in the future.  A++++

When our prior lab failed to detect multiple known positives that we sent them, we knew we needed to make a change.  Over the last year, 3R Testing has performed thousands of hop latent viroid tests for us at a much higher level of accuracy, allowing us to clean up a 12,000 square foot mother room without shutting down.
Mia Nelson
Owner/Operator, Kaprikorn
The services from 3R Testing give us the assurance we need to be able to confidently hold genetics that are Hop Latent Viroid free. The staff is very helpful and are pioneering new studies making this information on the cutting edge of what is currently available worldwide.
Greg Brown
Owner, Mountain Sun Botanicals
3R Testing has been the best lab we’ve worked with to date. The sensitivity of their tests as well as their continued studies on HLVd PCR detection has really given us the sense of security that our lab is giving us truly accurate results. They have been nothing but accommodating, providing Ct values upon request, as well as their competitive pricing structure. We highly recommend this lab to any one of our cannabis business counterparts.
Erika Ray
Cultivation Manager, Highline Nursery

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