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We eliminate the risks and variables of commercial cultivation by providing our customers with verified, stable genetics and vigorous, disease-free clones.


Our experienced team has been focused on perfecting plant propagation for decades. We have tissue culture protocols for over 1,000 different plant species that we utilize to bring innovation to the agricultural industry.

The Pacific Northwest is our home, but we ship premium tissue cultured plants all over the US and world. From Washington to Florida, we’re here to help farmers and late-stage nurseries de-risk their operations, scale their production safely, and reap the benefits of clean starting material.

Almost every clonally-produced crop has moved to tissue culture plant starts for a reason. Plants that are starting disease-free tend to be highly vigorous throughout their life cycle and focus more energy on growth and secondary metabolite production, augmenting the performance of the crop and economic return.

We work with established breeders and plant varieties in every region of the US to ensure that our genetics will help you succeed where you grow.


Plant Tissue Culture Services

IP Licensing

Our suite of advanced technologies has been designed to provide disease-free starter material on a large scale. Our TC solutions can help optimize your crop health and facility space utilization, leading to enhanced yields and improved chemical expression.

Clean Mother Stock

Regular provision of clean mother stock to support internal propagation programs. Ensure quality performance using cuttings derived from tissue culture mother plants. De-risk operations by decreasing pathogen loads in facility nursery operations.

Genetic Storage

Our experienced team has been focused on perfecting plant propagation for decades. 3 Rivers Biotech has tissue culture protocols for over 1,000 different plant species that we utilize to bring innovation to the agricultural industry

What is Plant Tissue Culture?

Plant Tissue Culture (TC) is a sterile laboratory technique utilized for the propagation and cultivation of plants from tiny tissue samples, such as cells, tissues, or organs, in a controlled environment. This controlled environment includes precise conditions of temperature, light, humidity, and nutrient-rich medium. Plant tissue culture is widely employed in plant science and agriculture for various purposes, such as the production of disease-free plants, the multiplication of rare or endangered species, the breeding of new plant varieties, and the study of plant growth and development in controlled settings.

How Does it Work?

In general, plant tissue culture consists of four key stages:

Initiation: Starts the culture from plant material on a nutrient-rich medium.

Multiplication: Once through the initiation process, this stage promotes tissue growth to increase the plant material.

Rooting: Induces roots in the identified varieties as needed.

Acclimatization: Prepares/hardens plantlets for transfer to natural conditions.

Varieties Restored to Their Original Vigor

Utilizing Tissue Culture rejuvenates a plant’s genetics, resulting in clonal plants free from the generational changes seen in traditional cloning, such as reduced vigor and yields. This process brings about advantages like enhanced apical dominance, uniform internode spacing, and balanced lateral branching, thanks to the restoration of juvenile vigor.


Consistency of Production

Utilizing robust genetics and disease-free plants ensures consistency in your plant growth and yields. The reproducibility and precision of TC technologies enable these outcomes to be consistently achieved from one generation to the next and from one harvest to another.


Incorporating Tissue Culture into Your Business Model

Tissue Culture can play a pivotal role in various stages of your cultivation cycle:

Genetic Restoration: Utilize TC to clean, store, and obtain clean mother plants and revive prized genetics, restoring their original health and vitality.

In-House Tissue Culture Lab: Consider establishing your own TC lab to unlock the full range of benefits this technology offers.

Tissue Culture presents a wide array of versatile technological capabilities, and its full potential is only just beginning to be explored.


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